Rrengineers a refiner disc manufacturer in india

Our Products

Refiner Discs Products company India
R.R.Engineers is a Manufacturer of Refiner Disc machinery products in India. Our product is on regular demand based Paper & Board production on Paper Mills. We always keep in mind about the requirements of consumer and latest trend so that our consumer remains up-to-the-minute and up- to-the-date. Our products are affordable with price as they are at genuine rates which no other brand can offer.

We have always tried winning the trust of our customer and made goodwill of our organization with our product quality and durability. We focus upon quality for making consumer's money worth and take optimum profit for long term & fruitful business relationship. We are always keeping ourselves in touch of consumer and take the feedback for customer satisfaction as consumer is king for us. We are using latest innovations and equipment’s to produce good quality of machinery items.

Here is the list of some of our products that are in huge demand :-

1) Refiner Disc Set

TDR 13 Refiner Disc

TDR 17 Refiner Disc

TDR 21 Refiner Disc

TDR 24 Refiner Disc

TDR 26 Refiner Disc

TDR 30 Refiner Disc

DDR 18 Refiner Disc

DDR 20 Refiner Disc

DDR 24 Refiner Disc

DDR 34 Refiner Disc

2) Turbo Impeller

Turbo Impeller 300

3) Pulper Impeller

Pulper Impeller 500

Pulper Impeller 850

4) Pulper Screen

5) Pulp Valve

6) Gear coupling for TDR Refiner

7) Sleeve, Splined Shaft & Disc Holder for TDR Refiner

8) Rewind Knife

Refiner Discs Plates
Our own designed & developed products are Single Disk Refiners Disc, Double Disc Refiners Disc and Triple Disc Refiner Disc available in all sizes. Our products are popular for its better refining, durability& less power consumption due to correct ratio of Material (Alloy Steel & CA-40 Grade). We have received over-whelming response from our customers for the quality products we supplied. We can also prepare products according to your specifications depending on the designs with drawing given to us.

Products Refiner discs sets of available in SDR (Single Disk Refiner) 580mm Refiner Disc, SDR (Single Disk Refiner) 375mm Refiner Disc and DDR (Double Disk Refiner) 460mm Refiner Disc plates.