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R.R. Engineers is providing the machinery product for Pulp and Paper Industry since 1994. We have qualified the path of success at the fast pace. Entire credit goes to the optimism and a strong team attitude by every individual who is part of us. We as a team strongly believe in "Let us win together" and Customer Satisfaction is our top priority. Our approach makes us stood out of the general league.

R.R.Engineers offered products are widely used by Kraft, Tissue, Writing Printing and Hard Board Paper Mills. R.R.Engineers also have specialization in Refiner Discs and these are one of best disc available for Paper mills across the globe.

Every product manufacturing organizations are based on customer specifications. At R.R.Engineers, we take this equation a step further and contribute significantly to your vision by suggesting multiple. We are leading manufacturer and Exporters of Refiner Disc and other products in India. Currently having majority market of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Uruguay, Abidjan and South Africa.

There are many areas where we score more than other competitors in the industry, some of our specialities which makes us a preferred business partner from our clients. We offer our products at the best competitive prices without compromise with our product quality, our commitment of delivering product within the stipulated time frame are the most important factor of our business.

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Established in 1994

24+ years’ experience in Refiner Disc. Manufacturing

Quality Performance

Dynamic Disc Balancing for quality performance

Reliable Product

Provide 100% Disc Starting breakage guarantee

Product Customisation

Customize Refiner Discs as per customer specification